Does django-hosts work with the Django Debug Toolbar?

Yes, django-hosts works with Django Debug toolbar with the only limitation that the toolbar’s middleware has to be come after django-hosts’ HostsRequestMiddleware middleware, e.g.:

    # your other middlewares..

Also, you have to install django-debug-toolbar 0.9.X or higher.

How do I get Django’s full page cache working?

When using Django’s cache middleware it calculates the cache key using the request’s path, at least until the 1.7 release. So if you’re using 1.7 or later you can stop reading now.

If you’re using an older version than 1.7 we’ll automatically apply a monkey patch to the functions in Django that deal with generating the cache keys to work around the problems with them. They will work the same as the way it is in Django 1.7. This is neccesary to make sure full page caching works as intended. See the commit in Django that fixed the issue there to see what differs between the old and the new versions of the functions.